For a more advanced voting and reward system, Muxy provides a trivia contest service.


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A trivia contest is made up of a series of multiple-choice questions. The extension administrator sets the questions and answer options, designates correct answers, and decides when to declare a winner. A contest is identified by at unique quiz_id, and only one contest can be active at a time.

Viewers submit their choice for the winning option for a question, and can be given points for correct choices. A typical application asks viewers to make a prediction about which player of a game will win. Each user is allowed only one choice, but can change that choice. Each choice submitted replaces any previous choice for that user.

The service updates an extension-wide leaderboard. You can present multiple questions in sequence. The leaderboard displays a sum of correct answers from each viewer.

Creating and Managing a Trivia Contest

The extension administrator (a user with the broadcaster or admin role) sets up the questions and answers, identifies the correct answer, and is responsible for any updates. Questions have an optional numerical order field for organizing question display and a state field that an administrator can set to show or hide a question and to enable or disable voting.

Use POST requests to the trivia endpoint to set up and manage a trivia contest.

Creating questions and options

Updating questions and options

Setting question status

Choosing an Option

Any user can choose an option for a given question as long as voting for that question is open.
Votes are unique per user; that is, a given question retains only one vote value for a given user. If a user sends additional votes giving the same question ID, that user's vote changes to the latest value.

Make a POST request to send a user's vote to the server.

POST /v1/e/trivia?id=${quiz_id}

The body of the request contains the question ID and the integer value of the option the viewer is voting for, in JSON format.



If the call succeeds, the body of the response contains an empty JSON object. If it fails, the body of the response contains error information.

Examining Results

Any user can request the list of current questions at any time. The response varies according to the caller's access rights and the question status.

  • Viewers do not see trivia questions that are listed as inactive, but admins do.


Use a GET request to the trivia endpoint to get the current event status.

GET /v1/e/trivia?id=${quiz_id}


If the call succeeds, the body of the response contains a JSON-encoded array with an entry for each question ID. The results field of each question contain the latest vote chosen by the calling user, and winner information if a winner has been chosen by the administrator.


If the call fails, the body of the response contains error information.