These functions handle authentication and set up general server communication.

FunctionDescriptionC# Signature
SDKConstructor. Instantiates the SDK class in the current client.MuxyGameLink.SDK.SDK
(String ClientId)
ConnectionAddressGenerates connection address for WebSocket.

Stage is one of Production or Sandbox (the development/debug environment).
String ConnectionAddress
(Stage Stage)
IsAuthenticatedChecks current authentication status.bool IsAuthenticated ()
AuthenticateWithPINAuthenticate with a PIN.

Executes Callback on completion.
UInt16 AuthenticateWithPIN
(string PIN,
AuthenticationCallback Callback)
AuthenticateWithRefreshTokenAuthenticate with refresh token, which is obtained from initially authenticating with a PIN.

Executes Callback on completion.
UInt16 AuthenticateWithRefreshToken
(string RefreshToken,
AuthenticationCallback Callback)
AuthenticationCallbackHandler signature for response to any authentication call.delegate void AuthenticationCallback
(AuthenticationResponse Payload)
ReceiveMessageReceive a message from a WebSocket for processing.

Returns true if message was received correctly.
bool ReceiveMessage
(string Message)
ForEachPayloadExecutes Callback on each payload waiting to be sent.

Generally used to send the payload through a WebSocket.
void ForEachPayload
(PayloadCallback Callback)
PayloadCallbackHandler signature for response to ForEachPayload() call.delegate void PayloadCallback
(string Payload)