Quick Start for Developers

These guides will help you get started with Muxy. You'll be up and running in a jiffy!

Here in our Quick Start guides you'll find some simple examples to help you understand the basics of working with our tools to create fully interactive, engaging Twitch Extensions.

Add Muxy functionality to your Twitch Extension

Whether you are a game developer, an extension writer, or a streamer, you can use Muxy-enabled extensions to improve the gaming and viewing experience, promote viewer engagement with interaction and rewards, and monetize your audience.

  • If you have an existing Twitch Extension, you can use these steps to register it with Muxy to add functionality and use Muxy services.

  • If you don't already have one, create a new Twitch Extension in the Twitch Developer Console.

Register your extension with Muxy

  1. In the Twitch Developer Console, look at the Extension Settings and copy the Extension Client ID and Extension Secret. You will use these to register the extension with Muxy.


Keep the Client ID

Store your Client ID where you can find it again-- you will also use it to initialize the MEDKit SDK each time the extension starts up.

  1. Go to the Muxy Developer Portal and click Register New Extension.
  2. Fill in the Extension Name, Client ID, and Secret.

Get Familiar with Muxy Architecture

For Extension Writers and Streamers, these guides will get you started understanding the form and structure of a Muxy-powered extension from the ground up.


Game Developers

If you use the Unreal Engine or Unity game-development environment, add a Muxy-powered experience using integrated Muxy functionality.



Get Started with MEDKit

Introduction to MEDKit and the Muxy SDK.

Build a Simple Extension

Build a "HelloWorld" Muxy extension with JavaScript

Basic Muxy Login Workflow

How your broadcaster logs in to connect to the Muxy server.

Install SDK Manually

Install and configure MEDKit from a command shell, using npm, node.js, and webpack.

MEDKit Code Examples

These fully-commented, easy-to-understand code samples showcase how to use the Muxy MEDKit JavaScript SDK for common tasks.

Development Basics

Learn the basics of developing extensions that take full advantage of Muxy functionality.



Set up User Simulation

Simulate users with different user rolesuser roles - The role of the caller controls access to functionality. for debugging in the development environment.

Set and Retrieve State Values

How to store and retrieve your own developer-defined extension and viewer statestate - You can define and store your own extension state data. State is tracked in real time. information.

Store Arbitrary State

How to define, store, and retrieve any kind of state data.

Get Viewer Information

How to retrieve information about your extension viewers.

Call into the Twitch API

How to make use of Twitch features in an extension.

Troubleshooting Tips

Some hints and tips for avoiding common problems.

Viewer Data Aggregation Techniques

These guides provide example code and advice for taking advantage of Muxy functionality in your extensions.



Viewer Data Aggregation

Introduces techniques and tools for scaling up by aggregating data from many viewers.

Accumulating User Data

How to use the simplest form of aggregationaggregation - Manage large amounts of viewer-input data by accumulating and analyzing it in various ways..

Ranking User Data

How to request input from viewers, and collect results ranked by the popularity of responses.

Voting in Viewer Polls

How set up and manage viewer polls, allow viewers to vote, and work with voting results.

Trivia Events

How to set up and manage a voting-and-reward system based on trivia contests.

Integrate with Game Development Environments

Muxy functionality is integrated into Unreal Engine through a Muxy Plugin, and with Unity through a C# MEDKit SDK.
These guides help you install the integration tools, and get you started with initialization and implementing functionality.

Integrate Muxy with an Unreal Engine Game

For an existing game that uses the Unreal engine, add a Muxy-powered experience by installing the GameLink Unreal Plugin.



Install the Muxy Plugin for Unreal Engine

Install the Muxy Plugin.

Create a Muxy Login Flow

Set up and initialize your game to authenticate the user and authorize calls to the Muxy server.

Workflow Examples

Learn how to perform basic operations, and set up and manage viewer polls.

Integrate the C# MEDKit SDK with a Unity Game

For an existing game that uses the Unity engine, add a Muxy-powered experience by installing the C# MEDKit SDK.



Unity GameLink Tutorial

This tutorial walks through building a small Unity scene that does GameLink authentication and reacts to a viewer poll.

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