Basic Usage

Here's how you implement some basic operations, which include:

  • Using Muxy's extension and viewer state information
  • Broadcasting messages to your viewers
  • Accepting bit transactions in your game

Retrieve and Use State Information

To maintain state, use the Set Channel State node.

State NodeState Node

State Node

  • Path is a dot-delimited path string that points to the state object
  • Info is a JSON object string to be placed at that path.

To clear out existing state use the Clear Channel State node.

Clear State NodeClear State Node

Clear State Node

Broadcast Message to Viewers

A common requirement is to have the client extension update instantly in response to creating a poll or other
game action. The broadcast API pushes a notification to all viewers.

Broadcast NodeBroadcast Node

Broadcast Node

  • Topic is a string is used on the client as a discriminator
  • Data is JSON object. (Note that the Muxy API does not provide a way to manipulate JSON strings, so you need a third-party plugin to construct the data object.)

Accept Bit Transactions

Bit transactions are exposed as events on the Event Source.

Transaction EventTransaction Event

Transaction Event

  • SKU is the product that was purchased
  • User ID is the Twitch user ID of the user who purchased the product.
  • Display Name is the display name of the product that was purchased.
  • Username is the user-facing display name of the user who purchased the product.