Basic Usage

Here's how you implement some basic operations, which include:

  • Using Muxy's extension and viewer state information
  • Broadcasting messages to your viewers
  • Accepting bit transactions in your game

Retrieve and Use State Information

To maintain state, use the Set Channel State node.


State Node

  • Path is a dot-delimited path string that points to the state object
  • Info is a JSON object string to be placed at that path.

To clear out existing state use the Clear Channel State node.


Clear State Node

Broadcast Message to Viewers

A common requirement is to have the client extension update instantly in response to creating a poll or other
game action. The broadcast API pushes a notification to all viewers.


Broadcast Node

  • Topic is a string is used on the client as a discriminator
  • Data is JSON object. (Note that the Muxy API does not provide a way to manipulate JSON strings, so you need a third-party plugin to construct the data object.)

Accept Bit Transactions

Bit transactions are exposed as events on the Event Source.


Transaction Event

  • SKU is the product that was purchased
  • User ID is the Twitch user ID of the user who purchased the product.
  • Display Name is the display name of the product that was purchased.
  • Username is the user-facing display name of the user who purchased the product.