GameLink Release

Today Muxy is very excited to officially launch our realtime game-integration platform (GameLink) to the public! Along with this launch comes a new suite of libraries for a quick setup with your existing tools and lots of new documentation and getting started guides.


All docs related to MEDKit and GameLink are now located at There you'll find quick start guides and overview information for how to integrate GameLink into your project.

In addition we have API references for our REST and GameLink APIs (with our C# and C++ libraries coming soon) available here.

Developer Portal

You can get started building an extension by accessing our Developer Portal. There you will be able to create an extension and see detailed metrics on API usage.

Open Source Libraries


If you are integrating GameLink into your Unity project, download our Open Source C# Library to begin


If C++ or Unreal are more your thing, we have you covered with our Open Source C++ Library

Something Else

We are expanding our library offerings as quickly as we can, but if there is something in particular you think we are missing or would like to see, please send us a message on our Discord Support Server!

Example Projects

We are also working hard to make is easy to get up and running fast with a few example projects to show you the ropes.

Here you can find a simple example of adding the Unity GameLink plugin to a Unity project.

And if you're interested in VueJS, this is the starter project we use at Muxy to build all of our in-house extensions.